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The species, Homo sapiens, or Homines sapientes in plural form, was the last known species of its genus until the year 2155.

Appearance Edit

Homo sapiens is known as a species for a few things, two of the many being their furless skin, and their erect spine. They range in many races, known in other species as breeds.

Humans most often distinguish between each other by their faces, which causes them to see great detail in things which look anything similar to a human face. A human face normally has two eyes, with a nose in between or lower, and a mouth below the nose.

Anatomy Edit

Head Edit

A human head consists of an incredibly tough skull, which can survive incredibly high pressures. The head is where their brain is located. A homo sapiens brain is its most precious tool for survival. The brain is highly adapted to be able to change and manipulate easily, making humans able to survive in situations they may have never even encountered with great ease.

On top of a humans head is a patch of hair which can grow to be ridiculously long. It is often groomed or cut before it reaches full length.


Arms Edit

Legs Edit

Brain Edit

Culture Edit

Technology Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Many humans are mutant or genetically modified.

Important Notes Edit

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