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The I-2 Cryo Grenade, also known as the Cryogenic Grenade, Cryo Grenade, or simply known as Cryo, was a grenade made for the specific purpose of immobilizing and stunning targets. It is used principally by spec forces as non-lethal weapon, also by bounty hunters which desire capture their targets unharmed.


The I-2 Cryo Grenade grenade was originally designed as a form of emergency fire suppressant, but later the designers switched its role as non-lethal suppression weapon adding kinetic power to the grenade upon detonation. Used as a weapon, the I-2 Cryo Grenade grenade can affect targets in its blast radius with super-cooled chemicals, temporarily trapping a person within the ice formed by the blast. The cold itself could also damage equipment such as robots, electronics, and vehicles that were not specially adapted for cold-weather use.

Despite being designed to be non-lethal, the grenade can still kill its target, since the chemicals used in its super-cooled formula can freeze blood and internal organs of living beings, killing them in the process, so spec forces receive specific training to use the grenade as non-lethal weapon, aiming generally at the target extremities, avoiding vital organs. Even so, the grenade doesn't require special license to be purchased, meaning that is available for the masses, causing unnecessary deaths by misuse of the I-2 Cryo Grenade. Normally common people use common stun grenades because they are relatively easier to manage.


  • This weapon is free to be used by any character, meaning that anyone can buy I-2 Cryo Grenades without explaining how or why.