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Intermission 1 was an experimental thread designed to test several ideas that could become plausible later in the Robocraft Roleplay. It was hosted by Lijosu in between act two and three in Season 3.

Thread Specific Rules Edit

This thread had several rules to assist in its unusual formula.

Intermission Rules Edit

  • Introduction to characters that are important to a larger plot is allowed, however, large advancements of these plots is not allowed.

Because of this, the deaths of major or minor characters are not allowed. The death of unimportant characters such as civilians, is allowed.

  • When the intermission ends, I am requesting that any users who participated to summarize in a post, what their characters achieved or lost in this thread. This post doesn’t have to be detailed, and can contain whatever the user feels comfortable with.
  • All other standard rules in the Robocraft Roleplay still apply.

Location Tags Edit

In this thread all users are requested to have a tag at the top of their posts, explaining where they are and what time it is. This is to help make the thread easier to read and to translate it into thought. Start with the date first, then the location, and then the time of day for that location.

Time Edit

Each tag should be done in English, earth calendar, so don’t panic. This thread’s date will be the 17th of January, 2016, 4 days since the last thread.

Place Edit

The place in the location tag should start with the city/location and end with the planet. If your location is in a space station orbiting the planet, then you would put the space station and then the planet it’s orbiting. If the space station is in empty space on its own, the name of the space station alone will do.

Time of Day Edit

The time of day does not require an hour clock, but rather a single word describing what time of day it is on the planet or space station you’re roleplaying in. Some common ones to use would be “Sunrise, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset, Night and Midnight.”

Subplots Edit

Subplots were the main feature of Intermission 1 and there was no main plot.


Several months after the complete termination of Caroline by the SDP, a disturbing anomaly was found within the case data. In order to further the investigation, the SDP enlisted the help of Pasithee Hampshire, a young 'scientist' specializing in the exploitation of dimensions, to create the Ethereal Discharger.

The primary goal of the experiment was to collect valuable information on the identity of the anomaly that was "overwritten" long ago, but due to a flaw in the preparation of the experiment, the Discharger gave out an unnecessarily high amount of Ethereal energy, creating an unstable, skewed clone of the original being. Experiment #13, stated Ellie, escaped shortly after a panic attack at creation.

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