Jeff is a home assistant NanoBug that has had all of its internal components replaced with better, homemade versions by Xezerex, as well as housing Xezerex's personal A.I. assistant. He is capable of aiding Xezerex in most any tasks, as well as being capable of controlling most ships he has come across. Though he is versatile, Jeff is small and, much like his creator, no specimen of physical strength. He could also be seen as Xezerex's best/only friend.

Abilities Edit

Tech Edit

Jeff is capable of doing many things. He can link up to most computer connection ports, is a proficient hacker, and can store mass amounts of data within himself.

Piloting Edit

He has knowledge of how to operate any ships logged in the databases of the CF-Alliance, E-14, and Carbon-6, as well as access to blueprints and schematics for all of them.

Scanning Edit

There are a multitude of scanners built into Jeff's "eyes," they are as follows: Thermal scanner, Infrared sensors, Radio frequency scanners, radiation detectors, and electrical sensors.

Appearance Edit

Jeff is a small, insect-like robot with six legs and a bronze chassis, vaguely resembling a Hercules beetle. He is usually found with his legs wrapped around Xezerex's right arm.

Notes Edit

  • Jeff is not outfitted with any sort of weapon systems, as they are far too inefficient with space to fit into the small, insectoid chassis that his components reside in.
  • He is highly resistant to EMP's

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