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Language of the Ancients Edit

OOC: Before I begin here is a link to what I use as the language:

You do not have to download it just keeping it as a bookmark is what I am doing.

Lore: (Told by ShockHerman) It is the language used by the two gods that made Primus and Unicron and similarly by all of the 'Transformers' as Primus has instructed me to call the race he and Unicron created to fight against each other, they were all wiped out besides Primus (and technically Unicron in 50 millennia) and the language is impossible to be pronounced by humans and most A.I. unless they are capable of making their own sounds (still even if they were they might not pronounce it correctly) and from what I have heard Primus say about it it sounds like is a deep grumble different from the voice he uses for English that strangely has the sense of nobility behind it. Also it has been rumored by Primus (who for some reason doesn't want to talk in his native language for some reason but the rumor may be part of why) that when the language is spoken correctly it can even be heard space because it doesn't reverberate of oxygen atoms but the very fabric of space and time (although it can not travel through time the fabric of space and time is what we refer to the thing that holds everything together in the universe and is used to show the force of gravity) so it may hold a gravitational pull or something to it when it is spoken correctly and may bend it.