Leo “Squick” Vintos is from the "race" of Wererats. His heritage is from both human and rat. Not much is known about this guy other than the fact anytime he is around, something bad tends to go down.

Appearance Edit

Standing at just short of 2 meters tall, this is one huge rat. Having pure white fur with big pink paws with claws and soft blue eyes. His normal outfit is a black plate armor that covers his arms, body and most of his legs. The cloak that hangs from his waist is blue that fades to grey. On his hips you will find daggers and on his arms throwing knives.

Biography Edit

This character has hundreds of personalities. This comes from his years of training to allow him to fit into different groups and factions. The most common one is super hyper, talking fast and in broken thoughts and sentences. On the surface he is a stupid fool that acts drunk, high and just overall not the most intelligent being in the room. What most do not know is that this is all staged. Under this cloak of deception is a trained agent. Little is known about Leo other than the fact that his very DNA was modified to enhance the skills that fit his trade. While telling those around him he is a "wererat" the truth is not much is known about his background over than the fact he was found in a lab leading many to believe he was created.

Abilities Edit

Specializes in daggers, bombs, throwing knives and small arms weapons. Is trained in search and destroy missions, killing, capture and advanced torture.

Mind Suppression
One ability that makes him very dangerous is his ability to suppress the minds around him. It is not full blown mind control, just a way to block people from having the ability to think. This also gives him the ability to shield his mind from others who would try to control it. Those who try to hack his mind will be flooded with mass information causing an overload of sense which causes them to partly or fully pass out.

Phase Blades
The pair of daggers on his hip are a special type of weapon designed to separate armor on contact. It is not using nanobots but instead an advanced form of vibration technology that will separate the molecules of any substance it touches at the atom level.

Poison Daggers
Having upwards of 16 daggers on his person that have one of the following abilities: deadly, knock out, paralyze, and nerve poison.

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