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Lijosu is a former pirate and privateer of E-14. He is well known for his involvement in The Convolute, a group of pirates infamous for their weaponized use of fear. After the execution of the rest of the group, Lijosu was sentenced a life of war service and was given the title of "E14 Privateer" in the year 2142. On the date 20th of February 2151, he was sentenced to execution as E14 no longer had a use for human pilots. Later the next month he went missing to an unknown location.

Katyusha Edit

In the early days of The Convolute, Lijosu met Katyusha. A Young woman with a particular interest in fire-arms. She much, much later had assisted Lijosu in lower danger stunts. Despite this, she appeared to be a fairly regular person, and was never spotted lethally injuring anyone. Eventually, Lijosu and Katyusha had two children. They were born around the same age, but aren't twins. Their names are Teraz and Novidee.

Themes Edit

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