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Lupus aegrotus (or "aegrotus" for short) are large, wyvern like, mammalian natives of the Scutum-Centaurus Arm. Their home planet has much weaker gravity than planets such as Earth, allowing them to fly with ease.

Appearance Edit

Aegrotus are mainly wyvern-like in shape. They have a slim torso with short legs and large winged arms, these all work together to crawl and fly. They have ridiculously long, thin tails that have webbing on the end to help with swimming and in rare cases, flying.

Most of their body is completely devoid of fur or other coatings. The only parts of their body that aren't bare are their necks, which are covered in a soft mane of feathers. These feathers can be many different colors, including black, brown, green, red, white, yellow and dark blue.

Their faces are complex and slightly bat-like and their teeth are sharp to catch fish easily, as they are piscivores. They have powerful ears, similar to a rabbit's in appearance. Using their ears they can effectively use echolocation due to their high sensitivity to high pitched sounds. An aegrotus' eyes are small and beady which restricts their sight considerably.

The majority of aegrotus wear a fair bit of clothing, including capes, piercings, cuffs, armor and robes.

Senses Edit

Aegrotus have a wide arsenal of senses, these senses include; touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing and electroception.

Compared to humans, the aegrotus have fairly restricted sight and compared to them have a field of vision which can be up to two thirds of the average human field of vision. Aegrotus have a sense of smell similar to a dog's. An aegrotus' sense of taste differs greatly from a human's, rather than being fond of sweets things and such aegrotus much prefer salty and fish-like tastes. Aegrotus have an extremely acute sense of hearing toward high pitched sounds, and can pick up certain sounds bouncing around an environment, resulting in the ability to use echolocation.

While they have electroception, aegrotus can only use it at a particularly close range, they use this sense in conjunction with echolocation to have an extremely accurate sense of location.

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