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Maiya Caroline is a female Hacrobia Mortem, she is one of the two biological offspring of Caroline, and is the twin sister of Vox. Unlike Vox, she is a Glitch Sage.

Personality Edit

Maiya, unlike her mother, has a rather laid back personality. She can be sweet at some points, and rather vengeful in others. She has short-term memory issues, often forgetting names and other details quickly. She does not actively pursue interests in hunting, rather scavenging for food. She is shown to have a dark sense of humor, hinting that she may be slightly delusional.

Appearance Edit

Maiya in her natural form is oddly undeveloped, due to her mutations. She is somewhat short, and he only has two tendrils, and they both are two feet long. Her hair is mostly pitch black, with bits of dark gray. She has rows of sharp teeth, but no fangs. She has a dark magenta exoskeleton, covering most of her figure.

Abilities Edit

Glitch Sage Edit

Maiya was mutated when Caroline converted Owen while Maiya was still an egg, this caused her to gain Sage abilities, at the cost of not completing physical development. She can bend glitch into many forms, including shields, armor, wings, and weapons. Her glitch producing glands have also been boosted dramatically, allowing her to generate more glitch on a higher level.

Morphing Edit

Due to her incomplete development, her morphing abilities are weak, restricting her abilities. She must remain in a rather similar shape to her natural form, limiting her ability to a few disguises.

Trivia Edit

  • Thank Forumlurker and his joke blackmail for the existance of Vox and Maiya.
    • "Do it and I swear, Carolings will be canon." -Pancakei
  • Maiya was originally going to be named Animus, so when put together, the twins names would be Animus Vox, a reference to The Glitch Mob.
    • Her Glitch abilities were also a reference to The Glitch Mob.
  • The name Maiya is a reference to Maia from the Jak and Daxter series, but altered for easier pronunciation.

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