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The following article is no longer being updated, the author of the article ceased his participation in the RP. The content now is now legacy content, meaning that the use of this content by other participants is restricted.

Not much is known about Matik. The only known thing is that he carries a Mega-cannon and he belongs to a faction named after himself, Matik Co. He was first introduced in Prime Solaris.

Skills Edit

Speed 3
Construction 5
Strength 7
Resistance 7
Mega-cannon 10 The power of Mega-cannon.
Reflexes -5
Stability -10 Likely to fly around when hit.
Emote -10 Can get angry easily, just touch a Matik Co. Member and he goes mad.

Weapons Edit

Primary: Sword

Secondary: Plasma Launcher

Always carries a Mega-cannon resembling the Mega Plasma Launcher.

Quotes Edit

Appearing "Well guys, let's go!"

Starting a fight "Let's gun them!"

-Victory "MADE IT!"

-Defeat "SHOOT!"

Under attack "We are under attack!"

Motto: Gun that base!

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