Miarar II, also known simply as Miarar, is the first planet orbiting its star Miarar Prime, is a super-Earth-sized exoplanet and one of the largest planets that has an atmosphere that can support human life. Almost entirely composed of lifeless desert, Miarar is a hostile planet to most life forms, according to scientists, the planet once was a lush green world full of life, but almost all the water disappeared mysteriously at some point in the planet's life.



Miarar II's surface is dry and lifeless, composed by canyons and sand oceans across the planet, rendering a few oasis in some remote places. The water is scarce even beyond its surface, where some rock galleries formed in the early

The lifeless surface of Miarar II

stages of the planet life, these galleries can be a useful place to hide from the extreme heat in the surface.

The planet has a solid rock formation in its layers, meaning the internal pressure of Miarar core is high, when a rupture in the layers occurs, extremely dangerous volcanoes break through the surface, scattering lava hundreds of kilometers across the surface, some of these volcanoes keep expelling lava for a couple of weeks, causing corrosive rain on the surface.


Miarar II climate is hot and unpredictable, with sudden sandstorms that can scour the region surface in seconds,

A huge sandstorm approaching.

some of them can contain glass shards that can be fatal if someone is caught by the sandstorm. The best option is to find an underground gallery for shelter to avoid these storms.

Fully active volcanoes can cause a harsh rain in some regions, this particular rain is dangerously corrosive, causing serious burns and even melt equipment if it stays too long in the rain.

Despite the harsh conditions, the atmosphere can sustain human life, there's enough oxygen and other minerals for a human to breathe without any breathing equipment, but it still is a hard place to live due to the lack of the water.

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