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Náoran Haekum is the epitome of human strength. Because of how dense her muscles are from both gravity shift-induced gigantism and frequent physical exercise, she is capable of feats typically reserved for artificially enhanced or naturally gifted humans. These abilities she puts to use when fighting and working out involve her being able to lift many tonnes of weight, as well as delivering punches in the force range of 4,000N - 5,000N. While she hasn't been trained in any real fighting techniques, she knows how to manoeuvre her body to increase her punch force and understands the concepts of weak spots.

Aside from fighting... That's all she really knows how to do. She knows how to supply and feed herself, as well as exercising everyday, but the only other thing that Náoran does is sleep, because she is unsocial and motivated very little. She also has no clue how to operate technological or scientific apparatus beyond the bare basics (doors, buttons, maybe a simple holographic interface, etc.) and will fail when attempting to do so.

Her lack of experience in other situations also makes her inept in other situational skills such as stealth movement and bargaining.

Appearance Edit


Náoran Haekum was born and raised on Earth. Her particular upbringing forced her to focus on improving her strength and less on her diminishing list of friends. She grew quiet and awkward, usually only speaking to tell people to leave her alone because she didn't know how to talk with them, so instead she decided not to talk to people at all, but in her isolation she always pushed her strengths to new limits, pushing herself to new heights because it was all she knew.

In her teen years, she was obligated to move to Mars to live there, because her parents were going to enrol in an E-14 fleet to fight against the CF-Alliance. The conditions she lived in combined with a growth spurt accelerated her height and exercising results by several orders of magnitude. On Mars, the lower gravity meant that she had to lift more weight in order to be lifting regular weight on Earth, as well as wearing heavier clothes when doing so. Then she realised that she hadn't heard from her parents in years, so she moved, settling down into a quiet home in a relatively uninhabited part of the planet, on the outskirts of a run-down town so she could get supplies now and then.

As time progressed, a CF-Alliance fleet attempted to build where she lived. After the ensuing fight, pieces of downed CF-A flagship and robot parts lay scattered around her abode, serving as an effective deterrent to anyone wishing to intrude on her life while she lives out the rest of her days in reclusiveness.




  • The Náoran character originates from this post on the forums.

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