A N1X-13 is a device used to transform into almost any species within twenty or more minutes. It was invented by The Soul Gazer but may be an improved model of another product.

Description Edit

It weighs very little and can come in many shapes or sizes. The most common form is a 7cm metal box with a touch screen on it. The box unfolds to place DNA samples.

Abilities and Usage Edit

The N1X-13 allows its wearer to morph into almost any species of reasonable size, with in the time of twenty minutes.

Collecting DNA Samples Edit

To use this device, the user must collect DNA samples of those he or she wants to morph into. This can be any part of the body which contains DNA.

Morphing Edit

After collecting DNA samples and placing them in the "sample tray", the N1X-13 is closed and the DNA is processed into code. This can take a few minutes. Once finished registering, the device will allow the wearer to transform into the owner of the DNA by pushing "MORPH" on the touchscreen. Morphing knocks the wearer unconscious, and inserts a contained virus.

Foreign Objects Edit

Feces and processing foods are converted into body mass, as well as any other foreign objects. If the wearer is bearing a child, the child will also become infected with the virus and transform as well. This can become highly dangerous if the wearer isn't careful.

Aging and Death Edit

To avoid moral complications the N1X-13 will age the transformed form of the wearer at the same speed that he or she normally ages. When the wearer has passed away, using the N1X-13 on their corpse will not resurrect them.

Combination Edit

The user of the N1X-13 can also combine DNA codes to create a mixed form. This is easiest and safest done between two members of the same species. Combination of two species is incredibly dangerous and should only be coded by a professional.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "N1X-13" is a play on the word "Nixie". A water sprite capable of shape shifting.
  • The N1X-13 has difficulty copying the DNA of creatures from the Ethereal Dimensions. Attempting so can have dysfunctional or undesirable effects.

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