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A singular character, not much is known about him. And his name is lost forever.

Biography Edit

Past Edit

A very proficient mercenary, he was extremely proficient in the management of information. He had near-absolute control of what the world know of him, so if he wanted to, he could very well leave himself absolutely unknown to the world, but he instead intentionally let a small amount of the information filter out, distorded at his liking, to his own benefits.

By this he was also quite proficient in getting ahold of information too.

He was also a very intelligent person, and his pirate activities were very focused on stealing technologies, sometimes extending and upgrading them into deadly tools.


He was also the creator of Ouroboros, proof of his incomparable genius.

Current Status Edit

A completely cyborg body, there is nothing organic left of him. His mind was transferred as well, its capabilities are geatly enhanced, and its stability theoretically too.

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