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The following article is no longer being updated, the author of the article ceased his participation in the RP. The content now is now legacy content, meaning that the use of this content by other participants is restricted.

NeuroT0xin is in a clan called G.A.T., which stands for Gaullidian Army Troops.

NeuroT0xin's storyEdit

NeuroT0xin is in the Gaullidian Army Troops. He is a general and he has the power to recruit people and he can also create bots that are used as front line attackers. His creations are: G.A.T. Hammerhead, G.A.T. Prototype Helicopter and other creations. NeuroT0xin was born in 2079 and he stopped aging when he was 40, thus making him unable to die of old age. He was one of the first generals on the Gaullidian Army Troops, and he was born in Gaullidia, a planet close to mars. His whereabouts are unknown. No one knows if he is alive, but the last proof that he is alive is this picture of a tape recording.


Bot Building 9 Expert
Intelligence 14 Unstoppable
Nano-Disruptors 5 Skilled
Plasmas 8 Specialist
SMGs 12 Deadly
Rails -3 Bad
Bossy -16 Incapacitating

Appearance Edit

NeuroT0xin is 2 meters tall and weighs 97 kilograms.

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