Night Raven is the name Team Duskwings' space station series, the first one being Night Raven I and the second being Night Raven II, the latter being considerably larger and having more functionalities than the former.

Night Raven I Edit

Night Raven I

A photo of Night Raven I. This was found on Tagnia's Twitter account. No other photos were found.

Night Raven I was the original station made to house the covert Duskwings when they were originally escaping from the unnamed future fascist government. It featured facilities that could accommodate about fifteen crew members, a small gym, a small mess hall, and was overall just a very small station that could easily hide from scanners. It served as their home base, with them going down to planets via drop-shuttle. Each room was probably about the size of a two person room on the bottom decks of a cruise ship.

It was severely damaged by Rojosu's death machine sent to kidnap Artemis, then shredded in the proceeding fight. It was later salvaged by space pirates.

Night Raven II Edit

Night Raven II

The outside of Night Raven II. Sandwich took this picture.

Night Raven II is the current station in use by Team Duskwings. It is much bigger than Night Raven I, being able to hold much more crew. It features a large gym, complete with all necessary facilities (including pools, but try to minimize the fanservice), large rooms for about thirty crew members, a large mess hall with food synthesizers, large storage bays, laboratory spaces, zero-g chambers, dedicated weapons lockers, plenty of hangar bays, teleporters, and even a custom augmented Anchor Drive. It is also capable of functioning like a flagship during combat and an orbital laser during ground assault missions. It can also cloak itself.

Night Raven Bridge

Night Raven II's bridge, when not in use. Eclipse took this one when they just bought the station as a sneak peek when it was unfurnished. Since then they have moved in computers, coffee machines, and couches.

Its large bridge serves as a lobby, observatory, meeting room, break room, and a place for Tagnia to sleep when she's too lazy to walk back to her crew room.