The Nightshades are a rare species that were originally created in the thousands for the purpose of war. Currently only a few remain. Nightshades are known mostly for their endurance, intelligence and their skill in battle.

The war had started during the technological advances of the modern age, one that saw the rise and fall of many super weapons, known only as Spectres.


Most nightshades are trained during a process in which a biological body is fused with the outer shell, and given augmentations that push it beyond the limits of what it was already capable. While this is happening, the host brain is augmented and plugged into a virtual reality machine, where it will spend quite a few months in training.

This results in strict behavior, sometimes not even responding at all to basic speech, it only ever opens up to those it feels will be beneficial for its survival. Some say Tenebra Solanum was responsible for their appearance.


Due to few nightshades existing, only a few races know of its presence in the universe.

They tend to keep to themselves, and live mostly in a self sustaining station, called Solaris, which is stationed some distance away from the Milky Way galaxy.


Due to how the body is mostly made or circuits and a tough alloy, it is resistant to most physical corruption, but due to how the host brain interacts with the body, it is susceptible to digital corruption, such as that from viruses or from other infected constructs, such as AI.


Most nightshades favor physical blades, such as the Naginata, but also have some basic training in firearms at creation.