Ordi, formally designated as  [PANN CO ROBOTICS NEW ORDINANCE GUARD UNIT 511], is a "defective", child-like NEOGuard AI, created as a favor to Patricia by Maurice Bennet. The AI was created at Pann Co's Doven facility, and escaped the facility with the help of Zylapouf.

Appearance Edit

Ordi is a modified NEOGuard, originally believed to be defective. He stands at an intimidating two feet (.6 meters), and has rather lanky limbs. Ordi has one glowing blue eye, that is solid, as opposed to the aperture-shaped eye of regular NEOGuards.

Personality Edit

Ordi by design is very innocent and child-like, sounding like a small boy. He is shown to be very optimistic and cheerful, even in the most grim of times. He seems to know the feeling of fear, often running or hiding in the face of danger. Some parts of regular NEOGuard code seems to show through, as he is often defensive of Wafflei and others, and can detect aggressive corruption, even going into assault mode.

Biography Edit

Ordi's AI was originally created by Maurice Bennet to help out Patricia. The AI was designed to be innocent, childlike, and likeable. It was designed to follow certain people and be a surveillance bot. Patricia broke into the Doven Facility owned by Pann Co, and uploaded the AI into the assembly line.

The next day, Ordi was created and immediately labeled as a defect by the crew working. Ordi ran out of the facility, narrowly escaping the guards with the help of Zylapouf. After escaping, Zyla nicknamed the robot "Ordi", shortened from "Ordinance". Zyla aided Ordi in a quest to find his "Mommy", who he claimed Wafflei was after checking databanks. After finally finding her in Haven, he stuck to her like glue, often following her around and on expeditions.

Ordi's role as a surveillance bot was later revealed by Patricia, as she had been using it to keep tabs on her children without blowing her cover working as a sleeper agent. During Wafflei's coma, Ordi spent most of his time tagging along with Pancakei during recon shifts, mostly reluctant.

Abilities Edit

Ordi is a fairly "weak" AI, with next to no hacking abilities. However, he has the same rather formidable firewall as the rest of Pann Co's robots. He isn't very well armed, only sporting a fusion repeater. built into his left arm. He is rather quick, capable of rolling in a compact ball form. He also has electromagnetic feet, allowing him to walk on metal surfaces as he needs to. He has a vast data-bank of information, maps, and other resources in his system, proving him to be a good ally.

Trivia Edit

  • Ordi's story is very much inspired by Clank, from the Ratchet and Clank series.
  • Ordi was a actually named by RetrofittedChaos (Zyla's author) on the spot, derived from the word Ordinance.

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