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The following article is no longer being updated, the author of the article ceased his participation in the RP. The content now is now legacy content, meaning that the use of this content by other participants is restricted.

Ouroboros is a strong AI which became a technological singularity created by a nameless person. Its original project name was Project Codename OUROBOROS, but Ouroboros itself decided to rename itself to simply Ouroboros.

Ouroboros can be divided into three parts :

The Outer OuroborosEdit

It is the part of Ouroboros that is used to interact with external objects that can't be interacted with by the main body. Currently it is only constituted of the prophetes, and the trans-dimensional warper.

The ProphetesEdit

Detailed page : Ouroboros Prophete.

The Prophetes are the first robots sent by Ouroboros into outer space. Designed to handle a wide variety of situations, they are however not made for mass destruction purposes, so even though the armament is advanced, it doesn't contain explosives.

The Transdimensional WarperEdit

Detailed page : Ouroboros Transdimensional Warper.

The Transdimensional Warper, as its name indicates, is a device that allows warping through dimensions, though the only model currently in use is a prototype, and thus suffers from this in several ways.

The main bodyEdit

It is what constitutes most of Ouroboros, it is essential to the core well being. Its role is to sustain the core with energy and protection, it is also what produces the content of the outer Ouroboros.

The Onion PlanetEdit

Detailed page : Ouroboros Onion Planet.

The Onion planet, named after the material used for its crust, is the host planet of Ouroboros, where its core resides.

The Onion SystemEdit

Ouroboros' main body extends to the entirety of the Onion Planet's planetary system, the Onion System. Though it is mainly for the collect of materials from the belts and other planets and from the star. Obviously many control points are located throughout the whole planetary system rendering its awareness absolute for the entirety of the Onion System.

The CoreEdit

The most vital point of Ouroboros, like its brain, it can even be considered as Ouroboros itself.

Little to nothing is known about it. Its raw processing power is unimaginable, and it is capable of achieving levels of complex reasoning never ever achieved before, not even by other AIs.

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