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Transdimensional Warper
Production information
Manufacturer Ouroboros
Model Transdimensional Warper
Production line Prototype
Technical information
  • Length 2 hm
  • Width 5 dam
Mass 5640 Gg
Plating color Iridium
Political and social information
Designation Transport
Affiliation Ouroboros

The Transdimensional Warper, as its name indicates, is a device that allows warping through dimensions, though the only model currently in use is a prototype, and thus suffers from this in several ways.



The only one of these devices in use is a prototype, thus its use is somewhat very limited. Its computer is not finished, and in some occasions, it may not be enough for the calculations needed when warping to atypical dimensions, not even the combined processing power of the Prophetes can help. The computer is also non-autonomous, so Prophetes are required for the use of this device.

It was made for use by Prophetes, so it features 25 slots for Prophetes.

By the fact that it is a prototype, it has no other features, and is also of a very consequent size.

Warping CapabilitiesEdit

Even if it is a prototype its capabilities are still advanced, and it can theoretically teleport anywhere. Other than for some atypical dimensions which require calculations that can only be done by Ouroboros, it can teleport in most usual dimensions, but also can teleport anywhere within said dimensions.

Ouroboros also provided maps for most exotic dimensions, so it can warp to most of them on its own, without Ouroboros' help.

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