Owen is a Sage who served for 7 years in Haven's ops squad delta before he was converted into a Hacrobia Mortem by Caroline.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Owen's early life was fairly uneventful. His sage abilities began maturing at the early age of 10, and he was rescued and taken into Haven at the age of 14. When he was 18, he joined the newly formed ops squad Delta. By 21 he was promoted to squad leader, and he has led and participated in many successful sage rescues and Draconid raids.

The Conversion Edit

At the age of 24, directly following a raid on a Draconid order outpost, he was sent out on an undercover mission to investigate a suspected draconid agent who was running for public office on Feltzin Prime. Within minutes of leaving the portal from Haven, he was confronted by Caroline, who offered him a choice: give information on the sages and Haven, or suffer a fate worse than death. He chose to fight back, and Caroline stabbed him just left of the heart. She inserted a glob of glitch into the wound. Over the next hour, Owen went through the excruciatingly painful conversion process.

Abilities Edit

Being a Mortem is both a blessing and a curse. You have the tendrils, armored plates, superhuman strength and speed, morphing, and enhanced senses, but you also have the bloodlust, slight mental instability, and need for fuel usually consisting of raw meat.

Sage Gifts Edit

Owen kept his sage abilities through the conversion. These powers consist of the near total immunity to heat and burning, as well as the ability to heat the surface of his body to extreme temperatures and even spontaneously combust, human torch style.

Personality Edit

Owen is typically pretty good natured, although he is a vicious and exceptionally stubborn fighter, and terrifying when under the effects of Mortem bloodlust. Owen has very few qualms about killing his enemies if they pose any kind of threat to him or anyone he considers a friend, ally, or innocent.

Trivia Edit

  • Owen's conversion to a Mortem came about as a result of his author hearing about the Mortem conversion process and deciding that he wanted one of his characters to undergo it. The author is exceedingly happy with this decision.

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