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The following article is no longer being updated. It's content has been retired from regular RP use by its respective author. It is now legacy content.

Elijah Pancakei Mortimer is young man hailing from Tharsis Rift. He is the son of Patricia, and the twin brother of Wafflei. He is incredibly defensive over himself and his friends, and can be a friendly guy (presuming you're on his side). Unfortunately, Pancakei was murdered by Lijosu long ago.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Pancakei lived his childhood with Wafflei and their parents, until the assassin MockingJay murdered their parents, and Wafflei was sent into the dark dimension. After this, he became independent, starting a career as an Inventor and Entrepreneur at 15. He later created the company "Pann Co.", building robots, modeling, and serving as a weapons manufacturer for E-14 and the CF-Alliance. His memories of his family began to fade.

NOTE: Early RP's were wiped from his canon

S-RP Saga Edit

Pancakei started the S-RP saga by trying to simply... Stab. Shard. Doing so he accidentally awoke Zalgo, and broke time. Upon arrival in the future, he was captured and brainwashed by an unknown assailant. He killed Atlas on mistake, and went out to redeem himself. When MockingJay attempted to assassinate Shard, he jumped out and literally took the bullet for her.

Amnesia-Limbo Edit

During the plot line of amnesia, Pancakei had devoted all of his time into Pann Co Robotics, running the business while his sister designed the war mechs. He started accepting defense contracts from several small colonies after the Crimson Order launched unauthorized missile strikes. After a hoverbike race, he was attacked and captured by MockingJay. Later that night, Lijosu appeared, offering his regards before shooting him.

ObliviON Edit

Pancakei, attempting to cheat death with a synthetic bodu, played an assisting role in ObliviON, somewhat reluctantly heading the attack on iON's fortress. He helped out by using old tech to contact Brooke, attempting to help the framed Sages. He helped with the attack on Doven, having to destroy his own life work. After the events of ObliviON, he mostly retired from adventuring, instead focusing on helping run the Seventh District Police's operations, and occasionally attending social events.

Appearance Edit

Pancakei is a short Caucasian male, standing at 5' "10. He has medium red hair and hazel eyes. He wears silver half-rim glasses most of the time. He is rarely seen without a black jacket. Due to the EDEN suit he inhibits, he can change his hair and skin color, as well as facial structure slightly.

Personality Edit

Pancakei has a very extrovert personality, if a bit bombastic at times. He is very outgoing when it comes to meeting other people. He is a profound businessman, and can be particularly wise. He is very stubborn, refusing to accept eternal rest after death. He is defensive over his friends, often putting himself in front of danger for others.

Spectral Fabric Abilities

Abilities Edit

Pancakei is biologically an Arcadian half blood, but did not realize until he entered Limbo with an expedition group. He has the ability to bend spectral fabric into objects and shields, taking form in transparent, green, low poly models. This ability is shared with his mother.

Relations Edit

Family Edit

WaffleI Edit

Wafflei is Pancakei's lost biological Sister. Pancakei is incredibly defensive over her, protecting the only other member left in his bloodline. Even in death, he still watches over her, to the point of snapping her into consciousness before she could die.

Patricia Edit

Pancakei is Patricia's son, and got the generally better side of her genetics. He was the only one of the two twins to have memories of their mother throughout RP, and took particular interest in finding her after odd events regarding corruption and the afterlife.

Other Edit

Shard Edit

Shard was Pancakei's love interest for a while, stretching back to the S-RP saga. This was ultimately denied by the universe, as Demi-Angels and Limbo Overlords do not mix well.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Pancakei and Wafflei went under a massive retcon and redesign before the S-RP Saga. Pancakei (the user) decided that he did not want two clones of the same person. So he redesigned their personalities to contrast a bit, and reformed their Lore and characters to be twins.
    • His first appearance after his redesign was Old Friends, Old Rivals.
  • and Pancakei and Wafflei's ages were never truly confirmed until Blades of Destiny.
  • The origin of "Pancakei" is a Portmanteau of Pancake and Isaac.
  • While a profound businessman, Pancakei is not as intelligent as Wafflei, especially in engineering.
  • Pancakei is a stubborn person, refusing to accept eternal rest as long as there are still people he loves in the living world.

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