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The following article is no longer being updated. It's content has been retired from regular RP use by its respective author. It is now legacy content.

Pann Co. Robotics, otherwise known as Pann Co, is a military and consumer grade robotics manufacturer, specializing in toasters, robot cleaners and lethal military androids. It was later reformed and rebranded as iON Robotics when it was annexed by Caroline during the war on Quartex.

History Edit

Pann Co. was founded Pancakei, and was originally a pure weapons manufacturer. After the Zalgo incident, it became commercial, winning awards for best toaster and vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Once Wafflei stepped in, it became more focused on robotics, specializing in their NEO line, including Quadbots and NEOGuards.

After the death of Pancakei, and Wafflei leaving, Pann Co. was hit hard by the public, before a new head engineer stepped in to save the failing corporation. This engineer turned out to be Caroline, and she annexed the company, "firing" all of the old staff and replacing them. (By "firing", she caused a complete Genocide of all the employees) She rebranded the company to iON and started serving the public, while maintaining secret operations undercover.

After Caroline's death, all iON bots went berserk, killing billions of innocents across Feltzin Prime, destroying several cities. The "company" was disbanded after this, with no leader, and no one daring to try to revive it.

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