Pasithee is Sandwich's pet and an excellent weapon smith. She is also King's wife.

Biography Edit

Glitching The Universe Edit

Her blood line largely consists of humans aware of glitches in the universe and how to exploit them. At the age of ten Pasithee's family was killed and she was mind wiped, only recently remembering what really happened.

Genetic Modification Edit

An unusual trait about Pasithee is her tendency to act similar to a domestic cat, and is even able to produce sounds exactly the same way. Evidence shows that Pasithee underwent gene splicing at some point, but it is unknown why or how. All that is known is that it happened at around the age of nine and that the genes inserted are similar to cat ones.

Relations with King Edit

Pasithee met King online, and decided to date him to see what happens. Currently they are married and have a child named Amalthea.

Traits Edit

Due to having many feline genes she is capable of a few, subtle abilities, which may come in her favor.

Elliptical Pupils Edit

Of course it is unknown how or what exactly Pasithee sees, but it is very obvious she can see what others can't. Due to having the elliptical pupils of a cat she can see in what would seem to be the pitch black for most humans. Her pupils open up wider and faster than the average humans, and can close much faster as well.

Papilla Edit

Pasithee has what most people call a sandpaper tongue. Rough and semi-dry, with tiny hairy hooks. She still produces saliva, but it is in far less quantity.

Feline Voice Box Edit

She can make cat noises by accident or on purpose. How? Again, seems impossible to know.

Themes Edit

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