Patricia Mary-Athen Mortimer, also known as Bloody Mary (and formerly designated as Unit P870), Is Pancakei and Wafflei's biological mother, and Olivia's older sister. She is a high-class Arcadian, once a recon officer under the Seventh District Police before betraying her own government and descending into treason.

Biography Edit

Patricia was born into a small family of sleeper agents on November 8th, 2106, just outside of Munich, Germany. Her little sister, Olivia, was born nearly ten years after.

Pre-departure Edit

In her young adulthood, Patricia married Christopher Toasti Mortimer and birthed twins, Elijah (Pancakei) and Mary (Wafflei). Her true form as an Arcadian was only known between her and Chris as they were both assaulted before the twins were of age to learn about their mother's people. After her husband's death, she hid both of her children before fleeing under the cover of Arcadia.

While doing this, she sent Wafflei to the Dark Universe, where Patricia's sister, Olivia, was supposed to take care of her. However, Wafflei never made the target, leaving her stranded in the DU with brain damage.

New Life Edit

Her old employment as a research sleeper agent was terminated, and she was instead put onto an undercover reconnaissance, now much more closed off than before. Around 6 years after her departure, she was on a mission when she was attacked by a Bull Demon that had gone AWOL. During the fight, she suffered an injury from the beast's claws, cutting a wound down her right shoulder and wing, rendering them near useless for actual flight.

She cares deeply about her children, even though she can't directly meet them due to undercover work terms. To counter this, she broke into Pann Co's Doven Facility with the help of a superior, creating Ordi, a defect NEOGuard with the purpose of following her children so she could keep tabs on them.

Bloody Mary Edit

Over the course of many failures, Patricia eventually grew tired of her antagonizing job and the involvement of her government, eventually going AWOL after attempting to complete the mission of neutralizing Ellie. She grew more aggressive against her goverment, using stolen tech to keep herself hidden as she proceeded to break several hundred Arcadian laws and regulations.

Patricia, jobless and free, turned to an new lifestyle of contract work. With her stolen tech and general knowledge, she quickly became adept to working odd jobs for cash, just short of assassinations. Her career as a fixer eventually got messy when an incident went public. Instead of ruining her, it instead gave her a public persona: Bloody Mary. While not an actual crime fighter, Patricia kept her public "displays" in line, keeping her image as nothing more than an urban legend. With her supply of medicine cut, Patricia's more aggressive mentality became a part of her work, growing more cunning with each contract.

Eventually however, luck caught up with her. Patricia was last seen being assaulted by a strike force aimed at taking out her and her daughter with one stone. Her heavily damaged body was reclaimed soon after through an unidentified portal.

Appearance Edit

Patricia is an Avian Arcadian, with pale white skin and two large crimson-colored wings, speckled with maroon. She is rather short when not wearing recon gear, and has long dark red hair. Despite her somewhat short height, Patricia is fairly muscular.

Patricia is most often seen wearing layered clothing, not showing much skin apart from her face and hands. She wears a dark maroon cloak, an old ATES produced model outfitted with special stealth-oriented tech, and a (broken) shield barrier.

Personality Edit

Patricia has a somewhat introvert personality, and was later revealed to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder. She is naturally curious, and defensive over who she cares about. Due to her mental disorders, Patricia often fluctuates from being emotional at points, to cold and robotic in others. Patricia is particularly intelligent in manipulating others, often using cryptic language or misleading arguments to distract the opposition.

Abilities Edit

Body Edit

Her body is much more resilient to damage than a regular humans, capable of easily lifting much more than her own weight. Thanks to her training and conditioning, she is more resistant to physical damage, as well as drugs, electricity, and stunning agents. However, she is not invincible, nor bulletproof, and often stacked effects can take her down. Her wings have several arteries through them that can be damaging or lethal when severed.

Patricia has been shown to be able to fool digital security cameras when standing still, a power normally associated only with ghosts and pure ethereal beings. The exact source of this anomaly is unknown, but it can only work on non-biological optics (meaning about anyone with natural eyes cannot be deceived by the trick).


Patricia and her form of spectral fabric.

Wings Edit

Contrary to popular belief, Patricia's wings do not grant her efficient flight. This is because of a long scar that extends over her shoulder and down her right wing. They are instead useful for jumping large distances and using powerful strokes to create gusts of wind. It is not enough to create long flight, but enough to glide and extend jumping impressively.

Unlike standard bird wings, Pat's wings are thin and muscular, allowing great flexibility and the ability to fold and compress in on themselves, at the cost of all around power and comfort.

Spectral Fabric Edit

She has the ability to bend spectral fabric into items and shields, taking form in red, crystalline energy. This ability is shared with her son. The material is not very malleable but very strong and lightweight, capable of staying in place easily via telekinesis.

Relations Edit

Christopher Edit

Christopher Toasti Mortimer married Patricia several years before the events of RP, and was one of the few people to know that Patricia wasn't human. They lived happily together secluded on Mars and started a family, before being assaulted. Christopher was killed, and Patricia barely survived, fleeing the scene. Their relationship is in an odd state, Patricia being both still married and a widower.

Kindred Edit

Pancakei Edit

Pancakei is Patricia's son, and got the generally better side of her genetics. She hid him during the attack on their home, and never saw each other again for fourteen years. They both worked for the Seventh District Police.

Wafflei Edit

Wafflei is Patricia's daughter, and was sent to another dimension during the attack on their home. Patricia originally intended for Wafflei to go to a relatives house to be raised, but she was lost in the transport through the rift. Patricia blames herself heavily for everything that happened to Wafflei in the dark dimension, never forgetting her own mistakes.

Trivia Edit

  • Patricia is similar in career to Holly Short, from the Artemis Fowl series.
  • Patricia was actually born in Munich, Germany.
    • She moved to live on Mars in her early twenties.
  • Patricia's Maiden name is Roth, a German surname meaning "red-haired". This is a poke to her authors main use of red hues.
    • While normally the female Arcadian's maiden name is preserved in bondage, Patricia took the last name Mortimer to fit in on human legal documents.
    • Athen, her rarely spoken middle name, is one given to her from her mother at birth but later rejected by Patricia.
  • Patricia's appearance is heavily based off of Northern Cardinals, Virginia's state bird.
      • Despite being female, Patricia's wing coloration is that of a male Cardinal.
    • Patricia's appearance, nationality, and clothing makes an allusion to Manfred Von Richthofen, better known as The Red Baron, the infamous German dogfighter.

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