Precursites are a species from the Scutum-Centaurus Arm, and one of the oldest known to exist from there locally. They can be identified by their lizard like appearance and large amounts of legs and arms.

Appearance Edit

Precursites have long tails and six legs, as well as four arms. Their posture is quite unusual as half of their torso stretches across the ground with agility while the other stands up in the air, using its arms in similar ways that humans do. Their height while in this posture is only slightly larger than a human, or in some breeds, smaller. They are completely covered in scales.

Their eyes are elliptic and their thumbs are at the bottom of their hands, not the top. Their heads have two tail like strands streaming off the sides. Females have four. As mentioned briefly, they have appeared in multiple breeds which vary in shape and size. Most precursites wear jewellery and robes, and tattoos are common tradition.

Culture Edit

Competition Edit

In precursitian culture, competition is almost a foundry. It is incredibly common for a precursite to have a favored "rival" that they work against to motivate themselves to do better. The origin of this behavior is thought to come from thousands of centuries ago, especially prevalent during their mating season, which still takes place today in the form of "The Festival of Devotion".

The Festival of Devotion Edit

A festival originating from the instinctive mating behaviors of the early precursite, The Festival of Devotion is a period of which males compete against each other to attract the attention of females. During this time it's custom for any females participating to select a male of their choosing to become partners with, and custom for participating males to display their dominance in a brawl, although there are many variations.

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