"Pro Guard" is one of the five characters introduced in a side plot during the end stages of Act 4-4 Another Home.

Appearance Edit

"Pro guard," was described as a man with pale blonde hair who wore a mask over his eyes accompanied with a black suit.

No more information was given.

Biography Edit

In the side plot during act 4-4, it was suggested that "Pro guard," is a part of a hired group of "pro's," most of which had already left the area. when first encountered he was on the phone with someone and said:

"Right. I’ll be there! ah, sorry I’ve got to go something has come up! goodbye darling!"

Abilities Edit

During the side plot "pro guard," displayed impressive stealth abilities, he also used a small switchblade to greatly wound Satt's arm.

Trivia Edit

  • Little hint, the group that "pro guard" is in has participated in RP before. However, it is not documented on the wiki.

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