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Carbon-6 Quad-Pedal Robot Sentinel Mark III, or Quadbot Mk3, are large walking anti-personnel tanks produced by Carbon-6. They were Wafflei's last project before she entered a coma from bio-electric-overload. They bear similarities to Quadbot Mk2, with four legs on a rotating tank chassis, but are structured differently, allowing more armor at the cost of speed. Unlike Mk2, they have ventilation systems, allowing them to run longer without overheat issues.

Hardware Edit

Movement Edit

The Quadbots use a Quad-Pedal walking apparatus. Each leg is capable of supporting over 3 tons, able to support its own weight and more cargo. Each leg has two standard joints, and one gyroscopic joint, connecting it to the core. The spiked 'feet' are capable of anchoring into the ground. Each leg has two rigid supports, and two dynamic supports. If one leg is completely compromised, the remains of the leg is ejected, and the Quadbot will reposition for stability. Each Quad also has a rotation plate under their cores, allowing core rotation without use of leg apparatus.

Technology Edit

The Quadbots come with a basic AI, capable of identifying faces and bodies with local and intergalactic databases. They are capable of more advanced speech, with less processed lines. They are capable of detecting and differentiating corruption, and will target aggressive corruption. Armed Quads have advanced battle tactics installed, and all Quads can be controlled by remote, and a master remote held by certain characters. Each Quad has anti-hacking firewalls that can stand up to most hackers except elites. In the case of hack attack, the Quad will deactivate if it is close to being taken over, disconnecting its battery, preventing them from falling into wrong hands.

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