The Revenant are a large species of bipedal water dwellers, local to the Scutum-Centaurus Arm. They live deep in the darkest depths of their home planets oceans.

Appearance Edit

Revenant are eerily similar to humans in body build, however, they are incredibly tall and slender. Often their bodies are completely covered in suits that they use to breathe on land. Despite appearing very human sources hint that they are otherwise. Above this, they are very rarely erect in posture. A revenant seems to often limp or crawl instead of stand.

Anatomy Edit

The anatomy of these giants is unknown to most people, as they often hide in suits. All that's known is that they look similar to humans and have the ability to mysteriously control kinetic forces.

Telekinesis Edit

Most revenants have limited influence over kinetic forces, without seeming to interact with the environment a whole lot. Common abilities include causing powerful impacts out of thin air, freezing singular objects completely, and causing disturbances in the air to create fake noise. Abilities vary between individuals, some being stronger or weaker, and others being almost incomparable due to their differences.

Culture Edit

Although not necessarily unified, revenants have very strong connections with each other. Other than often being able communicate to each other directly through their suits, they form very strong social bonds and strive for not a peaceful world, but one where individuals are respected.

Trivia Edit

  • Revenants each have their own "limp". This is a style of walking which is unique to the individual. Some revenants have the limp of keeping some body parts freakishly still while others have them eerily loose. It is mostly unknown why they behave like this.

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