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Current Roleplay Rules Edit

The current Robocraft Role-play rules are as follows:

  • Do not make roleplay threads without consent of others. Please try to make an announcement of a thread to soon come up, preferably a few days before it's planned start.
  • You should not edit past posts in an RP thread to change content. Fixing typos/grammatical errors is fine.
  • If the result of an action is not immediate, don't post the result. Give people time to respond.
  • Everything should make sense, or at the very least be justifiable to a certain extent, so that people can play along with it. It is not required to scientifically make sense, however. Just logically feasible.
  • For role-playing threads, it is best practice to put a "[RP]" in the title.
  • If a situation is called into question of fairness, the RP thread may be requested to pause by the majority. If so a new thread is created to discuss the issue, and the first post should contain quotes of the relevant posts. Once the situation is resolved (majority rules), the RP thread resumes.
  • Do not make or plan to make threads with highly complicated plots, involving little to no user input. Try to make or plan threads with room for plenty of solutions to a problem you may not have even thought of.
  • If you want to try to have a plot based RP you should ask everyone you want to involve before hand. This includes side plot. Overall a whole thread like this should be avoided.
  • Making a strong character with no weakness is forbidden. If you have an all-around character (A character with a lot of abilities but not much power or weakness) the weakness is considered the lack of power. However in a character where they have great power, you must have at least one lethal weakness.
  • Super-posting is when you make an action that completely ignores someone else or make an action that ignores the person you are interacting with. For example: If you get shot at with a gun, and the bullets have no effect for no reason at all. OR If you shoot someone with a gun, and then say that they got hurt without them taking any action in it. This is strictly not allowed UNLESS the other person very obviously can not escape the situation. If someone says that something happens with immediate effect DON'T PANIC! You can just correct their post by saying your result, as long as the result you have does not super-post. If the person continues to super-post repeatedly it is best to warn them of what they are doing.
  • You are not allowed to kill other peoples characters without permission. Mortal injury is allowed if it is fair, or not achieved via super-post.

Rules and Guides Edit

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