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S.A.W. Weaponry.

These are generally built for the S.A.W. power armor and drones, although some are suitable for human useage.

Heavy Assault Cannon

A triple barrel monster, meant to suit nearly all your needs as a bringer of destruction. It is capable of shooting out sonic pulses, from levels down to harmless crowd control to lethal organ mushing madness. The third barrel fires bullets of varying caliber. Its barrel and internals can adjust to the size of any caliber. The larger the rounds it is firing the slower it will fire, for safety reasons. It Also has a rocket tube, it carries up to three small missiles. This is a heavy device, while it is possible for a human to carry it, it is in no way practical. This is currently the primary weapon type of all of S.A.W forces due to its versatility.

Light Assault Rifle

A ‘light’ rail/coil gun that holds around 50 9mm rounds, firing them at high velocities. A human is capable of carrying and firing one of these, however, its best to stick to the semi automatic mode with this one, it has some nasty kickback when you aren’t holding it in power armor, and it will likely bruise your shoulder to fire it too often. Comes standard with a grenade launcher on the bottom.

Heavy Rail Cannon


A very powerful sniper rail gun, its effective range ends at around 5 kilometers, depending on gravity, and is essentially infinite in space. However it is capable of flying out at 20 kilometers as its absolute maximum in earth-like conditions. It has a cool down period of five seconds due to the massive power and heat involved in firing this monster. Without power armor you would likely break your shoulder after a single shot. Holds ten rounds per clip.

Devistator concussion cannon

A large, long cannon with a big barrel. This monster of an energy cannon fires a mixture of concussive force from a sound wave and Plasma, the result is generally quite messy if you are hit by it, crushing, burning, and melting targets. It takes a second to charge and fires blobs about the size of one's head. It gives a very audible hum when it charges up. It is impractical for human useage, however due to the way one should be holding it, under their arm or over their shoulder, the kickback is managable, the weight is the only true issue.

Fluffanium Sheilds, and melee weapons.

These are impractical for use by typical humans, however they are capable of making entirely hollow, thin versions for use if you insist. Nearly indestructible, weapons made of these are possibly the best you could get if you insist on goign up and hitting somone with a sword. Capable of cutting through tank armor with relitive ease compared to mundane steal and hardlight weaponry.

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