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Unit SEPCB-870, commonly addressed as Pandora, is a mysterious rogue robot responsible for the assassination of Feltzin's Cinella Providence leader, Mitron and Commander Izana Perrum. Not much is known about this deceitful AI.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Pandora's origin.

Appearance Edit

Pandora is a medium-height humanoid robot, made of various human metals and scrap. She has four lanky arms, only two of which are extended regularly. Her body is lightly armored in segments, with bare robotics visible around her joints. Her body is mostly unpainted, save for designs of red and black, as well as a defaced Sepulchral crest on her left shoulder plate.

Her segmented torso has a toothed bandolier build across her chest, with an electromagnetic pad attached to the back of it. The bandolier is designed to rotate to hold and quickly holster rifles and other weapons or objects. In addition, two small hover boosters are attached to the area behind her shoulder blades, painted a rusted red.

Pandora has gray artificial hair with dull red highlights, which falls past her shoulders. She has three eyes: one large one, and two small ones. The bottom half of her face is covered in a red metallic band, resembling a bandanna, with a protected speaker behind an exposed grill.

Abilities Edit

AI Edit

Pandora is equipped with an incredibly advanced, human-like AI. She is considered sentient and capable of making her own decisions, despite still having connections to the Sepulchral hivemind.

Pandora's combat AI is developed around various types of gunplay, being incredibly deadly in guns ranging from pistols to sniper rifles. She is capable of locking onto, tracking, and eliminating multiple targets from a medium to far range with disturbing ease and accuracy.

Trivia Edit

  • This character has not yet been fully introduced.
    • As such, spoiler-heavy information has been withheld from this page. Ou8

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