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Modular Staves Edit

Modular staves are melee weapons with the purpose of amplifying the user's gift. They can be modified through 3 different parts, to fit the user's needs. These 3 parts are the conductor, the emitter, and the amplifier.

Conductor Edit

The conductor is the also the stave's handle. It modifies conductivity (delay when using gift) and capacity (how much power it can use at once). Conductivity is modified through the material, and capacity is modified through length. Usually, one does not want to have high conductivity with high capacity, as it would use too much too fast.

Emitter Edit

The emitter, or the end of the stave, emits the user's amplified power. It amplifies the speed and how the power is emitted.

Amplifier Edit

The amplifier modifies the user's gift. There are several different types of amplifiers, each type modifying in a different way.

Crystal Edit

Crystal amplifiers enhance raw power. They are the easiest to use, as they don't modify the gift in any other way.

Synthetic Edit

Synthetic amplifiers are an artificial version of the sage organ, which is only capable of amplifying another sage's gift. It can be programmed to modify the user's gift as desired, even having macros, where the gift can have preprogrammed behaviors that aren't possible naturally (such as fire concentrating in a very specific area or water basically hardening).

Relic Edit

Relic amplifiers cause somewhat random modifications to the user's gift. Relic amplifiers usually cause the user's gift to have extremely unnatural behaviors, which can almost never be reproduced through other means.

Storage and discharge tech Edit

It is possible to store the energy of a sage gift for later discharge. These devices, hereafter referred to as Gift batteries, have led to a slew of devices using this method.

Darts Edit

Small Gift batteries that can be fired from a dart gun, able to store a single effect

Grenades Edit

Slightly larger Gift batteries who's output can be modified depending on the type of grenade. I.E a cryo-grenade could be a needle shooting anti-personnel tool or an encasing immobilizer

Modules Edit

Gift batteries can be added to modules to give sages power that they would not be able to use on a staff or other tool normally. This has the downside of limited uses but the added versatility is worth it.

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