Satt is one of the five characters introduced in a side-plot during the end of Act 4-4 "Another Home".

Appearance Edit

A middle aged gentleman, often heavily armed. He often steps rather heavily, stealth is clearly not his forté. He has short, auburn hair and darkly colored nubs coming off his head in the shape of horns. He has oddly sharp, pointy teeth and uncut and razor sharp nails. He has tan skin.

Biography Edit


Abilities Edit

Satt is heavy and quick, but by no means light. His role is often as the heavy weapons man, and he is exceptionally good at aiming. This all comes at a cost since it won't be uncommon to hear him coming before he shows himself. In battle, he will normally hide behind cover to equip or reload guns, and slowly advance forward.

Trivia Edit

  • Currently he is in Soras' gang of misfits, and worked as a distraction in his first appearance.

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