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A scissor demon is a large, armed, snake like creature that can reach more than 1.7 million kilograms in mass. Scissor demons are eyeless and use a combined mixture of taste and smell to perceive. They spend a lot of time under the earth of planets and come to the surface to feed. Scissor demons are officially extinct, although many documented sightings are recorded.

Anatomy Edit

Head Edit

A scissor demon has no eyes but great vomeronasal organs, which they use to lick the air and "taste" their prey and surroundings. Due to this scissor demons have many tongues that can extend tens of meters past their mouth. The head of a scissor demon has the least horns out of any other external part of their body.

Torso Edit

The torso is the most covered in horns. It is the location of the two horns that got the species the name "scissor demon". The two main horns stick out like scissors, on the gigantic reptiles shoulders. Scissor demons also are one of the only animals to have an external rib cage, even on their home planet. They have two, one serving as a rib-cage normally does, while the other is outside of its chest. Each bone in the external rib-cage is controlled by outer muscles.

Arms Edit

Scissor demons have no legs, but have very powerful arms. These are used for both balance and to launch themselves far into the air, reaching ridiculous heights for something so big. Each hand has three fingers and one thumb.

Tail Edit

A scissor demons tail is its main form of propulsion, slithering across the ground like a snake. This allows it to direct itself underground a lot easier.

Horns Edit

A scissor demons horns are made of a crystal that is hyper sensitive to vibration. When the horns move or make contact with an object, they amplify the sound in a very low tone. This causes large amounts of infra-sound to be emitted. The skin of the beast is sound proofed, and the skin of a scissor demon repels sound off of it.

Hunting Edit

Although tactics depend on the individual, commonly a scissor demon will burrow under the earth, and wait for prey. If persuasion is needed, they can replicate the sound of its preys cry for help to attract the victim. When the target comes too close, the scissor demon will explode from the dirt and consume anything that had come near.

Trivia Edit

  • Scissor demons do not appear often but when they do they are used as plot devices or lethal enemies.
  • Despite what the name implies scissor demons are not demons but more baring similar reassemble to dragons, being large and reptilian.
  • The Victa primus had been researching scissor demons for some time and currently believe them to be extinct.

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