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The Seventh District Police (SDP) is an afterlife organization of justice and protection, founded after the events of Zalgo's End. They are based in heaven, and were created to protect the world of the living, as well as keep demons and other souls from wreaking havoc. They have several departments, from recon, to undercover agents, to regular defense officers. Patricia was the first encountered agent from the SDP.

History Edit

The SDP was founded after the Zalgo crisis, with the goal of keeping such an event from happening again. They work undercover, watching the public and making sure that souls do not escape of wreak havoc.

Operations Edit

Undercover Officers Edit

The SDP dispatches angels undercover into the world of the living, either to act as sleeper cells and live normal lives, or to perform recon for set periods of time, reporting infringements and taking actions to prevent events.

Trivia Edit

  • The Seventh District Police is a reference to the Lower Elements Police from the Artemis Fowl series, and have similar roles.
  • You can create a character which works in the Seventh District Police, ask the creator for further information.

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