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A fairly inexpensive metallic substance found occasionally in binary systems. Solarus emits a soft glow that can be amplified by the input of energy, from simply hitting it, to flooding the metal with psychic energy. This glow is produced as a result of its instability, in a manner similar to that of noble gases; as the electrons in its outer shell become more energized, they move up and down shells, emitting light.

The emission of energy also has Anti-Zalgo properties, which means that if it comes into contact with traditional corruption, it will be annihilated with no residue, making it an excellent material for anyone fighting corruption.


Solarus has been in good supply since the 1500's, but its value as more than a piece of jewelry only became apparent with the release of corruption into the universe.

The production and consumption of Solarus has become a large scale industry that certain terrestrial worlds are based around.


The metal is mostly exploited in modern times by the vigilant dawn group, who use it for both armor and weapons against corruption.

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