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Sy is a virus mutagen, it is in mutualist symbiosis with the Syor and can be controlled by them.

Appearance Edit

As a virus it takes the form of a virion outside cells, the host cells are developed to cultivate and control the virus.

Virion Edit

Sy is a very large virion with a complex structure. It has two icosahedronal heads, one carrying own DNA and one carrying the supplement DNA of a target cell.

It also has a long body meant for attaching to targeted cells, the body penetrates the cell membrane to insert the DNA.

Host cells Edit

The Syor's host cells are specifically adapted to harbor and maintain Sy. They appear as sections of skin emitting ultra-violet light.

By harvesting a target organism's DNA the host cells are able to create a supplement DNA to be taken by the virions.

The host cells are able to emit virions without damaging their own cell membranes and direct them to insert the supplement DNA into a target organism.

Effect Edit

Instead of inserting it's own DNA into a target cell it inserts a supplementing DNA given upon creation by a Syor host.

Trivia Edit

  • The origins of the virus are unknown, it is likely to have been intentionally engineered by an ancient race.

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