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Syora is the current homeworld of the Syor species, it is a large biologically engineered space station orbiting a young star housing millions of the Syor species.

It's sustained by photosynthesis and mining nearby asteroid belts for water and methane.


Syora looks like a large flat green blob with several arms orbiting inside of a large asteroid belt.

It is actually a large creature with the Syor living inside.

Syora was created quickly when the Syor home planet was going to be approached by alien civilization, it was created in cooperation of the entire species from all biomass on the planet collected, leaving no trace. This draining feat exhausted many Syor, killing them, and decimated their population.

It's propulsion is based upon converting it's own tissue into fuel and combusting it, while moving away from the Syor origin world it used up 99% of it's original mass, and is still regrowing using photosynthesis for the energy required to convert water and methane mined from asteroids into tissue.


Syora is a large creature with many organs each with their own nervous system, failing organs are replaced by it's inhabitant mutualist symbiont the Syor.

It's various organs conduct various tasks including production of chemical energy from photosynthesis, storing it, pumping it's blood, housing Syor, removing and converting waste products, breaking up asteroids for resources, growing tissue to feed Syor, conducting messages to allow Syor to communicate over distances, hatching rooms taking care of Syor eggs, and  others mostly for the convenience of it's inhabitants.

It does not have a central nervous system it's sections function independently.

It has a large shell protecting it from outer space.

It's organs repeat throughout it's structure having many of each.

The hearts and blood vessels are huge and transport everything throughout the entire creature including Syor, similar to Syor they lack blood pigment.

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