The TC-B1 Trion Space-fighter, commonly shortened Trion Fighters, is a model of high speed space-fighter developed by Trent Couriers, for Temero pilots. While the specific model is commonly associated with the Eleventh Cadre, it is available for consumer purchase.

Chassis Edit

The Trion is recognizably dagger shaped. It's chassis is built of a light material resistant enough to withstand re-entry into atmosphere, and its dagger shape allows for aerodynamic flight in atmospheric pressures. The Trion has three winglets, near its ion engines, giving it its triangle shape when viewed from behind.

Propulsion Edit

The Trion uses a dual propulsion system comprised of both ion engines and chemical boosters. The three ion thrusters allow for gradual acceleration and control, while the four small boosters allow for short bursts of rapid acceleration.

The Trion is equipped with an advanced Reaction Control System, allowing for fast and smooth maneuvering, while preserving acceleration in vacuums.

Armaments Edit

Nearly all Trion Fighters come equipped with dual laser cannons, mounted at its winglets. While not particularly strong, they fire fast projectiles. Some models are equipped with small kinetic cannons designed to deal massive damage to spacecraft, and most models will come pre-equipped with a weak shielding system, allowing reaction time to escape scuffles relatively unharmed.

Trivia Edit

  • The Trion is made to be a more successful version of the TIE Fighters from Star Wars.
    • Their maker was inspired after writing a 5 page essay on the flaws of TIE Fighters.
  • Trion is a portmanteau of Triple and Ion, a hint to its three ion engines.
  • The Trion's kinetic weaponry is near useless in atmosphere.
  • While incapable of teleportation or warping, the Trion is capable of reaching ridiculous speeds in vacuums.
  • The Eleventh Cadre uses this model as their stock fighters, painted red and black.
    • The factory paint-job for the Trion is green and grey.

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