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Tanya Sapien is best known for founding Sapien Technologies, a long standing silent partner of Freejam Ltd. and the leading manufacturer of S-type weaponry, for which they hold the technology patents licensing.

It's unclear where her or her company's allegiance lies, as they sell their hardware at equal price to CF-A, E-14, and independent mercenaries. One would believe their allegiance is to money, but studies have indicated the [Phlebotinum]. used in manufacturing S-Type weapons and mobility systems costs almost more than the finished weapon itself, leaving their true motives completely dubious.

The reclusive scientist has recently been making headlines as she's come out of reclusion in a big way, deploying a dozen clones of herself across the galaxy to areas of high conflict. Stirring the mystery is the coincidence with the reported loss of the power-player Lord Drognin in Operation Ragnarok, and a massive Galaxy Cash transaction that took place immediately after his supposed death, leading to a week long series of market instabilities as local trade became disrupted.

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Butter Squadron Edit

The only known public dealings of the reclusive CEO prior to the clone deployments were through a PMC known as "Butter Squadron"

The Private Military Company performs no recruiting, but seldom rejects skilled applicants. While the personnel and resources of Butter Squadron are nothing exceptional in themselves, they are known to be given exclusive access to vehicle prototype blueprints from Sapien Technologies, leading some to speculate the PMC exists as a field testing platform for up-and-coming hardware.
Medic spoted

Still image from security camera 760-128054

Of noticeable mention were a series of guerrilla raids on E-14 protonium reactors in the T4 territories over the course of a week which crippled the faction's powergrid, causing widespread damage and affecting the economies of five nearby planets. Security footage shows three Nano-disruptor armed vehicles moving together in close formation with a mobile anti-air battery and breaching the reactor defenses before the on-site personnel had time to react. The most stunning of this footage indicated only 2 minutes and 9 seconds had elapsed between the beam-down alarms sounding and the reactor hitting critical mass at one of the sites.
Reactordown 129s

Last recoverable frame from camera 758-765154 before on-site power failure

It's curious to market analysts and conspiracy theorists alike that only one week after these raids, Sapien Technologies themselves distributed blueprints for enhanced reactor shielding to E-14 and CF-A, ensuring limited protection against future blitzkrieg raids of that sort.

Sapien TechnologiesEdit

Sapien Tech Logo CCW Spin
Sapien Tech Logo CW Spin
Founded as a subsidiary of the conglomerate "DRAkTEC" in 2012, they managed to survive the market crash following the third world war and go on to assimilate the remnants of their former holding company.

They were early pioneers in space travel and made a fortune licensing their technologies to eager fledgling colony programs. After that, they dropped off the radar for a long time, maintaining their market share through background bank dealings and collective interest on held accounts, until the discovery of Protonium, when within the span of a year they grew to dominate a 60% market share on S-type hardware, obtaining the licensing rights through dubious methods.

Little is known of the company's inner workings as they haven't hired new employees in 63 years and their automated factories shoot trespassers on sight.

What is known is that two corporate entities belonging to them titled "Vulperial Solutions" and "VenumCorp" have been buying up huge shares in supercomputing companies and manufacturing rights, foreshadowing a possible new product launch.


It's unknown what clones of Tanya Sapien are capable of, as they seem to go to great lengths to avoid physical conflict, sometimes appearing to break the laws of physics in the process.