Team Duskwings is an organization, with very few members but still a force to be reckoned with. They are the creators of Vectorium, and is currently the only faction with the means to create it.

They have participated in many events, with their first appearance joining Skywatch, and their first major conflict incident being the Sunless Sky incident.

History Edit

Their history is rather unclear for most people, though they really originate from the far future where a sort of fascist state has taken over the galaxy and erased most opposing organizations.

Home base Edit

Main article: Night Raven

Team Duskwings use a space station as home base, called Night Raven, the station has everything needed for the team activities, with large storage bays, medical center and even a pool. The space station can be moved across the galaxy as intended and does not require orbiting a planet to be fully operational.

 Members Chart Edit

Name Nickname Role Color Quick Reference Color Code Status
Harris Artuo Falcon Founder Wheat [color=#F3DAA9][/color] Deceased
Edward Carter Eclipse Tactician,


Dark Slate Gray 2 [color=#87CEEB][/color] Active
Cynthia Carter Tagnia Master Scout, Ace Hover Medium Purple 3 [color=#7A5DC7][/color] Active
Angela Carter Tetradragon Combat Specialist Fire Brick 3 [color=#C11B17][/color] Active
Amelia Kannai Artemis Long Range Specialist Gold 2 [color=#EAC117][/color] Active
James Rynhart Displacer Jukemaster Viridian [color=#40826D][/color] Active
Paul Phillip Fenrir Tank Slate Blue 2 [color=#6960EC][/color] Active
Marie Conroe Lightning Field Medic, Mage-like Diamond 2 [color=#B9F2FF][/color] Active
Cassandra Stewart Priestess Field Medic, Mage-Like Indian Red 1 [color=#F75D59][/color] Active
Chauvin Williams Doc Field Medic Burlywood 4 [color=#806341][/color] Active
Anonymous Mr. E ???? Jet [color=#343434][/color] ????
THEIA (none) AI HUD Console Cyan 2 [color=#50EBEC][/color] Active
Avatar of Earth Gaius The New Guy <no voice, talks through Eclipse> - Active

Trivia Edit

The name "Team Duskwings" originally was a variant of the name "Team Everdusk" from Gods will be Watching.

  • "Duskwings" is actually used by multiple games as well, from Starcraft as a Banshee squadron, a race of bat people from Darksiders, and an NPC from World of Warcraft. The closest thing that the RP Team Duskwings resembles, however, is the Banshee squadron.
  • The AI THEIA is based off of Invisible Inc's Incognita AI (without that ending, you spoilers), but the name was based off of an album named THEIA that Meta really liked. Album here
  • Weeks after Meta named Gaius, he realized that Gaius was the same name as a thief class character from the game Fire Emblem: Awakening.
  • Artemis' concept was originally based off of the character Asuna from Sword Art Online mixed in with the typical elven concepts, but later evolved to become something closer to the historical figure Annie Oakley.
  • Strangely enough, Team Duskwings Marie is Bioelectric. WaffleI, whose actual name was revealed to be Mary, is also Bioelectric. Both Pancakei and Meta confirmed that this was completely accidental, and is put down as the biggest coincidence in RP history.

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