Thaddeaus is from the race of Dragonkin a subset of the Kithsine. This race has a dragon heritage. This captain served under Miko's father up until his death. From birth Miko was trained by both his father and Thaddeaus to be the next leader of the knights

Appearance Edit

This character comes in at 3.6 meters tall and weighs 360 kilograms. From head to toe he is covered in thick heavy scales that are light blue in color. His large red eye can be seen even in a completely dark room. He carries on his back a large buster sword and tower shield. On either side of the sword and board is a pair of impressive wings. The armor he wears is heavy plate, dark grey in color, that covers most of his body. The cloak he wears is black with gold trim.

Biography Edit

This character is very loyal and never afraid to put himself in harm's way. Having roots as a dragon most of his body is heavy armored scales. The parts of his body that have been modified is his fire box, right arm and right leg. He has wings but due to the amount of gear and armored limbs has limited flight abilities. He has a deep voice that commands respect to those who hear it. He is less like his leader Miko and tends to be more strict when it comes to rules.

Thad has known Miko since he was born having served his father before him. The reason he lost his arm and leg was in the same accident that killed Miko's father. To this day Thad blames himself for not being able to save his father so is highly protective of Miko.

Abilities Edit

Specializes in melee range and long range weapons plus medical. He is a master in hand to hand combat and melee weapons such as a sword or lance. Given his strength he is able to wield large caliber weapons.

Chain Saw Buster SwordEdit

This beast of a weapon was designed to inflict maximum damage. Housing a small gravity generator in the base of the sword it powers the claws along the length of the blade. Measuring 2.5 centimeters these backward facing teeth are made of titanium. The sword itself is also made of titanium.

Tower ShieldEdit

Face value this looks like a normal tower shield. The cross section on the other hand shows that the tower shield is designed with an energy absorbing material sandwich between the front and the back. The plating on the shield is 7.6 centimeters thick for each half making the total shield roughly 20.3 centimeters thick. The shield is large enough to cover three quarters of Thaddeaus' body.

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