The "Dark" Universe is a parallel universe which is generally more grim compared to the normal "light" universe.

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Plot Points Edit

The dark world was originally opened 20 years ago by the scientist Axel. Axel suffered an attack from the CF-Alliance while he was testing his warp gate - and his ship fell in the portal. When he arrived, he crashed into a stray Protonium lab, and caused a radioactive explosion that destroyed the Protonium supply on the entirety of the alternate mars. This led to a chain of events between the Tyrannical "dark" E-14 and the rebellious "dark" CF-A, causing what was known throughout the system as the First Protonium War.

At the dawn of the first Protonium war, Axel was forcibly drafted into the "dark" E-14, and was sent to fight without any combat experience prior. Yet he was a good fighter, and he rarely even got hit, so they promoted him tier beyond tier, as his bot kept getting better and better. And wile he was on their good side, he developed a way he could revive himself if something went wrong, creating the Chest ReGenerator. He cut himself open, implanted it onto his body, and died. Afterwards, his first test was a huge success, and the Protonium crystals he had used for it worked wonderfully. In tier ten, he met the parallel universe version of Axel, Rivet. Rivet was badly affected by the Protonium event, and was drastically different from Axel, Suffering brain damage, but gaining Psionic power because of it.

The scientists wanted a way to travel "home/to a better universe" so they started building a secondary warp gate to travel to the light universe, and settle there, returning to their normal jobs. Unfortunately, people got word of this, and Dark E14, Dark CF-A, and Dark Lijosu wanted to use it. Dark Lijosu took the first initiative, and made a group of inter-galactic, psychopathic murderers called the Hunters. These hunters stole some of the tech blueprints, and eventually made Ship-Connected Respawn, instantly bringing their ships back up to full capacity along with the users or AI that were using them. So when Axel finally built the warp gate to the "Light" universe, he was ambushed by ships and was sent crashing through the new portal. Unfortunately, the gate he built this time wasn't strong enough to hold itself, and it eventually collapsed.

The Parallel E14 have found a way in, and they don't seem like much of a threat... yet.

Along with E14, an organization called the NEW EXISTENCE ORDER traveled through the portal, they seem to want to build a home for the refugees of the first Protonium war.

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