The Book of Defensive Spells and Tomes is a strange book that came from a library in an ancient maze. The name of the book wasn't chosen, rather it seems to comically have it sketched on the front, and has for as long as it has been known. It is written in Primethian and contains mysterious text about ways to psychically manipulate the environment to defend yourself in combat. The owner of it, Gloomy, claims that it changed the written language depending on who took it from the maze.

Abilities and Usage Edit

Although the book is used to study and learn how to cause manipulations of the users environment, some of these "manipulations" can only be caused using the book. As well as this, most of the executable events in it seem to be easier to cast if the user is reading it. It is unknown why or how.

By victa scientists, this book is classified as a kind of trigger for manipulation of particles using brain activity. However, like mentioned above, how this is done is a complete eldritch. For reference, some "triggers" have been listed below.

Known Triggers Edit

  • 294-C23: Appears to cause the user to gain oak timber skin. Somehow the user is still able to move and function the same way as before. This trigger has also been noticed as able to be fooled into manipulating the density and structure of objects the user chooses, should they be nearby.
  • 294-C24: This trigger works similarly to 294-C23, but causes the user to gain stone like skin. Weight does not seem to change, but the density and brittleness does seem to, although, their bodies can still move the same way. In an experiment a rubber band was turned to stone. It maintained its flexibility but when crushed, shattered into pieces. When launching a rubber ball from the new, stone band, the ball was launched almost exactly the same as it was expected from another rubber band.
  • 294-C25: Causes the caster to gain skin comparable to steel in strength. Again, the weight and flexibility does not seem to change.
  • 301-C09: This allows the user to create a strange apparition that reflects light like a mirror. Most physical objects will go through it, but many electrical, thermal, and radiation energies become blocked by it, as if it is a wall.
  • 294-A11: This trigger works as a kind of prefix, causing the trigger executed after it to change. The trigger becomes executed by another being with the nessescary brain functions, but the mental energy is still taken from the user who performed it.

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