The C6-EKPS "Iron", simply shortened to The Iron, is a specially made power suit, designed for use by Electrokinetics. It is made of a tough artificial muscle base, with resistant armor over top. It was designed as a gift by Dervicus, for Wafflei.

Appearance Edit

The suit itself is made of a thick layer of black artificial muscle, woven with Kevlar for bullet resistance. It is covered with black, removable armor plates, accented with blue, including a compressing tasset. Each plate can be removed or added as the user sees fit.

It is equipped with a helmet, complete with a sliding visor, with an adjustable external visibility and HUD.

Movement Edit

The Iron allows for mostly unhindered movement, the artificial muscle apparatus completely supporting to suit's own weight.

The helmet allows for the filtering of gasses and liquids, allowing users to breathe while underwater or in poisonous/radioactive atmospheres.

Abilities Edit

Armor Edit

The Iron sports decent armoring, granting good protection against bullets, physical shock, and shock-waves, and is completely fire retardant. It is naturally EMP resilient, but a large-scale surge can cause electrical problems.

Electric Flow System Edit

What sets the Iron apart from the standard C6 power suit is its EFS, which is a special adaptation for Electrokinesis. It is equipped with a network of Zeus wire, a wire that allows total electric flow throughout the suit, allowing the user to use abilities mostly unhindered.

Rift Drive Edit

An addition made by Wafflei, the Iron is equipped with a back-mounted Rift Drive. This allows for Rift transportation when moving at an high speed while active.

Buzzers Edit


Buzzers, expanded and collapsed.

Another addition made by Wafflei, Buzzers are two specially crafted collapsing batons, designed to be concealed within the Iron's forearm guards. Each is capable of conducting a high electric current through them, allowing for quick incapacitation. The end-caps of each baton include a metal spike.

Trivia Edit

  • The Iron was designed and created by Darren Kelfritz as a gift to Wafflei.
  • The name "Iron" is a play on Wafflei's name, and the kitchen appliance, a waffle iron.

"Y'know... Waffle Iron." -Dervicus

  • The acronym C6-EKPS stands for "Carbon-6 Electrokinetic Power Suit"
  • There is a robot in Robocraft named The Iron.
    • It was given its name due to its rather deceptive strength for its size, and bears the same color palette as the Iron in RP.
  • The Iron has an internal battery that can be charged by a stand, or by its user.
    • The suit is capable to function without a charge, but is very heavy, and would deactivate most functions and life support, making it a regular suit of armor.
  • So far, only one model of the C6-EKPS Iron has been used. It is unconfirmed whether it will be publicly available.

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