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The Convolute were a group of terrorists or pirates who would earn money from illegal contracts.

Operation Edit

The Convolute operated by gaining members, who would then be allowed to partake in the contracts set by other people outside of the company. Their methods of completing these contracts are what gained them their infamous reputation. They are known for actively exploiting fear in people.

History Edit

The first two member were Xyunos and Qyuris. Xyunos started the idea from his long life in The Underworld. He started traveling around planets such as Earth and Mars to find people willing to work with him. The first person he found was Qyuris, a professional and particularly classy assassin. After that they found Lijosu, who they later discovered was trained as a weapon by his own parents. After Lijosu can Treseyus, who was often considered unprofessional. She was very new to the same kind of business.

Trivia Edit

  • Although it may appear so at first, The Convolute were not actually involved in The Underworld. They operated outside of it, due to their reputation of not picking a favorite side and going on their own.

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