The Demolition is temero who carries instruments as weapons. He has a lisp where he mispronounces "F"s as "TH" instead. However, he doesn't speak often.

Appearance Edit

He has a leg span of around 30 centimeters and is around 20 centimeters tall. He has short, brown fur and peach coloured wings. The Demolition has metal plates attached to himself, with odd looking instruments melded to them. What appears to be an alien harp is attached to a large metal plate sloping on the left side of his abdomen, and a flute magnetically attached to a plate on his right side.

Biography Edit

Demo was raised in a family by a male and an abmale. He's family discouraged murder and he grew quickly to be a vigilante. Eventually he met an abmale who he loved, but she was killed by The Hidden Moon. After this he set out for revenge, seeking to kill The Shrouded Veil, The Hidden Moon's last daughter. After locating Veil on an ancient precursite space station, they were accidentally petrified as the sun near them exploded. It is theorized that this caused a temporary wormhole, as they were one day found on the other side of the galaxy by locals of the Orion Arm.

Current Day Edit

Humans of the Orion Arm gave Demo and The Shrouded Veil a home to stay while they got to work on linking the Orion and Scutum-Centaurus Arms.

Abilities Edit

His harp creates shock waves in the air when he plays it, and his flute has hypnotic qualities.

Themes Edit

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