The Dusk is a rogue Ferron AI accidentally created by (a distracted) Dervicus, and Wafflei. It is the first notable success of the Zeus project, able to successfully control the flow of electricity. However, the additional cores required to process the Zeus mainframe malfunctioned and started to conflict, causing it to flee, fighting anyone that tries to deactivate it.

Appearance Edit


One of the Dusk's many forms.

The Dusk can completely change its appearance, most often copying the shape of other beings. It appears to be made of a thick black liquid, impossibly dark. It has three diamond-shaped cores, resembling glowing eyes. The Zeus wire-frame that runs through it can be manipulated, and is slightly visible beneath the liquid surface.

Abilities Edit

Morphing Edit

The Dusk is capable of changing its own liquid state, taking many forms. It can change its own surface tension, allowing it to hit harder than expected. It often copies the form of subjects it attacks, causing confusion and distraction.

Electrokinesis Edit

The Dusk is the first successful subject of the Zeus Project, and is capable of controlling electric flow in a semi-efficient manner. It can attack directly with bolts of electricity, and sap it from other objects and robots. It is not the most controlled method of electrolysis, preferring to use wide area of effect tactics.

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the base traits of the Dusk are inspired by the enemy of the same name, from the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • While the Dusk cannot copy other's powers, it often tries to mimic them.

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