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The Sepulchral is a society of robotic life forms, capable of individual thought. They are all individually made by The Puppeteer or a group of bots built for creating others called "strings".

Purpose Edit

The purpose of such a large society is rather uncertain. Most people think that it is for The Puppeteer's gain, which also seems to make the most sense.

Home Base Edit

The Sepulchral live on a planet which has remained uncharted for as long as it has existed. Only a tiny fraction of the planet is populated by them, although the civilization is expanding.

History Edit

The Puppeteer started to create other robots to help it collect scrap metals. Eventually this went on and The Puppeteer formed a home base, which was a simple abandoned mine where they could easily find metals. Eventually they needed more room, so The Puppeteer named it's new kingdom "The Sepulchral" and started work on a completely empty planet with minimal life.

Members Edit

There are groups of robots called "classes" which will consist of the same bot, with the same personality. Despite this members of the same class will still be capable of individual thought and freedom. Beyond this there are also unique individuals that do not classify under any class.

Classes Edit

Name Role Personality Color Code
Puppet Any Dreamy #884455
String Engineering Treseyus #4D1B7B
Marionette Combat Rojosu #FF0000
Advisor Moderation Inquisitive #884455

Individuals Edit

Name Role Personality Color Code
The Puppeteer Leading Serious, Wise #AE0636
The Luthier Scouting Gentlemanly #FF7575
??? ??? ??? #00F363
The Hawker Sage


Mischievous #4D5B7B

Trivia Edit

  • Although it may be apparent that each bot is in a sort of hive mind, this is not the case, although they do all have communications with each other.
  • It is rumored that some of the bots in The Sepulchral are the AIs of people who have been lost in space. The rumor says that they roam the galaxies, mourning for their own lives.